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Introducing Zenefix™

A premium science-backed supplement for stress, worry, mood and sleep.

Developed by Healthier By Science™

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Transform your life with Zenefix - try it risk-free for 90 days.

Worn out from stress and worry?

Easily irritated for no reason? Wishing for more happiness you see in others? Tossing and turning in bed?

Breathe. Zenefix™ is here to help.

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We’ve done the research

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Ingredients verified by science

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Clinically effective doses

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What to expect

Do you want to live with a more balanced state of mind?

Like… be more present with others, reclaim more joy of your past, feel more confident handling life’s challenges? And…

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More serenity

Feel more peace, calm & happiness each day

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More enjoyment

Frown & worry less—smile & laugh more

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More control

Manage stressful moments by being more at ease with yourself

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More trust

See credible research & evidence to know you’re getting what we say

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More rest

Sleep better & longer

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Why Zenefix

15 Science-backed supplements combined into one

  • Only evidence-based ingredients
  • Value & convenience—15 fully dosed supplements combined into one
  • 4 capsules serving size for full effective doses of each ingredient
  • 100% natural
  • Vegetarian

Premium quality

  • Only the highest quality premium ingredients are used
  • Manufactured in a fully certified cGMP (Current Good Manufacturing Practice) and FDA registered facility
  • Inspected for purity and composition; each batch is verified by a COA (Certificate of Analysis)
  • Made in the USA

Suggested use: Take 4 capsules per day. Either all at once in the morning -or- half dose each morning & evening.

Dr Gary Lawson-Boucher, MD in a navy uniform holding his navy hat and smiling

The Doctor’s Thoughts

Dr. Gary Lawson-Boucher, MD

Customer of Zenefix™

"My outlook is more positive than ever!”

"My friend Brad asked me to try his product.  At first, I had my doubts with so many supplements on the market. Not any longer. My outlook is more positive than ever. And I jump out of bed each morning with excitement. My energy has skyrocketed & endurance has doubled. I’m excited to do my 6 miles of biking or running—every day. I’m lifting twice the weight I lifted during active duty. I’ve increased my muscle mass. My A1C glucose level is right back where it should be.  I’m sold—based on the evidence!”


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Are you ready to leave stress, worry and moodiness behind? And to start living the life you deserve?

Feel the best version of you

Do & be your very best

Enjoy people more

Live life more fully

Be the person seen as happy & productive

Keep trying products that fall short

Keep feeling less than your best

Keep letting stress win

Keep tossing & turning

Keep wishing for better days

90 Day Money-Back Guarantee

Try Zenefix today, Risk Free

Experience benefits quickly —though expect best results in 4-8 weeks. 

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Try it for 90 days ∙ Start feeling better ∙ If not, we’ll refund you

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Keep it going

Purchase monthly ∙ Feel great daily ∙ Love the old you again

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Relax & be happier

Do your best ∙ Be your best ∙ Enjoy life fully

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We believe in giving back

We donate a portion of proceeds to Cambodian Children’s Fund. To help children get out of poverty & receive a quality education.*

Brad Charbonneau, OT, founder of Healthier By Science, standing in a white shirt, smiling

Brad Charbonneau, OT

Founder of Healthier by Science

About us

This was my chance to help so many other people

It all started because I wanted to find a natural supplement to feel better. And scouring the web for the right supplements was overwhelming. So many claims. So many choices.

And… I’m a Health-Science professional.

I could only imagine how even more overwhelming this was for most others.

We want to help you live a better life, not just sell you a product.

Got questions? Just ask. We’ll gladly get back to you with answers.

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